We host consistent events to build relationships
for people who need a network of support.

Because everyone in Fort Worth deserves to be seen, known, and loved.

There are thousands of people living in poverty
in Fort Worth, and the problems they face are more
complicated than just their material and monetary needs.

That's why we provide 38
relationship building events every month.

  • “Y’all are the only family I have. Y’all love me and you don’t even know me. The NET has changed my life and I will never be the same person I was when I walked in here.
    I’m a different person because of you girls.”
    - Crystal, 35, former prostitute we met through jail outreach
  • "It's the hardest part of being homeless.
    People look down on us like we're trash.
    You guys are different. We're all family here."
    - Kyle, 28, now formerly homeless, working part-time, recently purchased a car!
  • “You know, you young folks loving people
    is really changing me man. The girls come up and visit the ladies in jail and I walk them to their cars and make sure they’re safe.
    It’s just I’m so thankful that y’all wanted to be my friend.”

    - James, 46, chronically homeless

  • "I miss my country and I miss my people,
    but here I have Jesus."
    - Salha Keza, 6, Congolese refugee


Our Friends



PURCHASED exists to bring freedom, safety, and hope to women and girls exploited by the sex industry in Fort Worth.
Learn more.

We create dignity restoring relationships with people experiencing homelessness that communicate with words and actions all people’s inherent value and worth.
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Ladera Kids
Ladera Kids desires to see the children at Ladera Palms understand their immense value and worth and grow in maturity through developing deep, fruitful relationships with their mentors.
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"By the end of this 30 minute conversation
I found myself forgetting that my new
friend was homeless."




Many of our volunteer opportunities are relational in nature like sharing a meal, mentoring opportunities, and building relationships.


We believe by bringing together a group of individuals who dream big, think creatively, and love people, we can make some sweet things happen in our city.


You're invited to make a difference in your community by attending our special fundraising events.


Every dollar that you give restores dignity and brings freedom to people in poverty. We can’t do this without YOU!

"The Net has made it so easy for me to serve
the city of Fort Worth as a TCU student."