Q: Is Worthy Co a for-profit company?

A: No, it is an extension of The Net a 501c3, therefore all donations are tax deductible. All the “profit” made will go back into the program. There are no shareholders or investors, only funding partners and donors.

Q: Are there any incentives for different levels of donors?

A: Yes for those who give X amount…..

Q: Is there evidence for a similar model that has been successful?

A: Yes...Thistle Farms…

Q: Will women only be making product?

A: No we will provide job training in retail, fulfillment….

Q: Outside of the retail store, what other ways do you plan to bring in revenue?

A: Our Ecommerce + the candle studio + sublease to Savhera

Q: What is the candle studio? Who is it for?

A: The candle studio is…..

Q: Does The Net support the Worthy Co employees outside of providing jobs?

A: Yes, they all have received our supportive services including: mentor……

Q: For funders who pledge to give, when are payments needed?

A: Ideally, the first payment would happen in 2019 as the 3rd step in our process of becoming a building fund partner. We are asking that the 2nd payments be made in the first quarter of 2020 before our interest only payment period ends.