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Stock the Store - Fort Worth Homeless Non-Profit Volunteering | The Net

By adopting our Net Store for a month, you ensure the dignity restoring processes and relationships happening at The Net continue indefinitely!

How To Help

Collect Food & Clothing

You and your group will collect roughly a month’s worth of food & clothing to fill The Net Center Store for folks experiencing homelessness and survivors of sexual exploitation. Get creative on how you do this! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Ask friends and family

  • Post it on social media!

  • Set out donation boxes at your church or place of business

  • Connect directly with a company and ask for donations

Here is a rough outline for what we need to stay up and running for a month!

Food: Remember, protein is king! 60 cans/pouches of noodles, 30 jars peanut butter, 20 boxes cereal ,40 cans of chicken/tuna, 80 servings of canned fruit, 60 cans of vegetables, 80 snack items (granola bars, peanut butter crackers, peanuts, chips, etc).

Clothing: Remember, coverage is king! 20 T-shirts, 15 Men’s Pants (Waist 32-38), 15 Women’s Pants (Waist 2-10), 25 Men’s Underwear, 25 Women’s Underwear, 40 pairs socks, any shoes, belts, hats, jackets, shorts.

Miscellaneous Items: Bug spray, batteries, umbrellas & ponchos, combs, belts, used jewelry and sunglasses

Keep in mind these numbers are rough. We won’t count or expect you to, but we do want to stock the store well! Also, gently used clothing is great for shirts and shorts - however, underwear and socks need to be new!


You just collected a bunch of great stuff! Now we need your help organizing! Bring it to The Net Center @ 2640 E Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76103.

We ask your organization have a team of at least 4 people to come and help stock the store. The max size for a group is 20 before we start running out of space. Depending on your group size & collection numbers, we estimate stocking to take between 20-40 minutes!


At The Net we always say, “People need people more than people need things.” And you may be thinking, “Well then why did I just bring a bunch of stuff?” We want to answer that question by unpacking the “why” behind The Net Center & Net Store. We can also do a brief overview of Human Trafficking if your group is interested in that!

After we organize, we ask that your group hang out and participate in a 30 minute “training” session. This time will go through how and why we aim to alleviate poverty the way we do, how you can be involved, and answer any other questions you may have!

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