Purchased Summit

Purchased Summit - DFW Sex Trafficking Non-Profit Training | The Net

The Net hosts a training twice a year to educate the community and train volunteers on the reality of the sex industry in Fort Worth. Our next training is February 23, 2019!

At this training you will hear from experts in the field such as the FWPD, A Tarrant County CSCD Officer, a survivor of sexual exploitation, as well as our team.
By attending Purchased Training, you are not committing to becoming a volunteer! Anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about this important topic is welcome.

However, in order to volunteer with The NET/Purchased, you must attend this training. If you're interested in this training, please fill out the form below!

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Who is this training for?

Purchased Training is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the reality of sex trafficking and the sex industry as it pertains to Fort Worth, TX.

If I come to Purchased Training am I committing to being a volunteer?

No! Our goal with Purchased Training is first and foremost to raise awareness. Once you have attended, you can decide whether you’d like to volunteer or not.

If I want to volunteer what all will I need to do?

The requirements vary depending on which volunteer position you choose; however, these are the general steps:
- attend a Purchased Training day
- go through our online volunteer training
- fill out an application
- interview with our team
- we'll plug you in!

What does the cost cover?

The $20 registration fee includes breakfast, lunch, coffee & refreshments, as well as comprehensive Training Manual.

Is volunteer training different than Purchased training?

YES! This Purchased Training day is about the issue of trafficking in Fort Worth as a whole, and is the foundation for all the work we do. Our online volunteer training covers the practicals of what you actually do as a volunteer with The NET. Volunteer training is extremely important and necessary so that you feel 100% equipped to be an Advocate or MASE volunteer.

If I’m a dude who comes to Purchased Training what will I do?

You will learn more about the reality of sex trafficking and the sex industry as it pertains to Fort Worth, TX. In the afternoon we will have a guys breakout so you can learn more about ways to get plugged in as a man!