The Worthy co.

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The Worthy Co. is The Net’s non-profit social enterprise. Its mission is to empower & employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, & addiction as they improve their own lives by learning vocational skills, gaining work experience, and earning real income.

All the while, they’re hand-making amazing products available for purchase by YOU! Do you want to help make The Worthy Co. a reality?

At The Net, we firmly believe that empowerment is the key to success. Every single person who steps through our doors has the opportunity not only to have a voice but to be empowered to do things on their own.

The Worthy Co. accomplishes this through teaching women how to create jewelry and candles, all while working toward financial independence, establishing employment history, and rediscovering their self-worth. By shopping The Worthy Co. store, you’re supporting lives being changed in & around our community.


What Drives Us

The women of The Worthy Co. are strong survivors, many of whom are victims of sexual exploitation or have experienced poverty in Fort Worth. It’s an act of bravery just to show up to our classes, staying open to trying new things & learning new skills. These women continue to participate because they’re just that determined to reach their goals.

While experiencing the sense of accomplishment that accompanies creating something with your own two hands, our Worthy Co. ladies are surrounded by trauma-informed volunteers who serve their emotional needs while they take an active role in improving their own lives.


How it works

The women of The Worthy Co. started by participating in our Purchased program. If they’re interested in The Worthy Co., we work with them each week to help them grow their job skills through survivor care and trauma-informed principles. Every Tuesday at the end of the workday, we have our Survivor Meal and support group where we eat dinner together, celebrate recovery, and offer a safe place for the women to heal & be known.

We provide our Worthy Co. women a safe work environment and an income that help prepare them to reenter the workforce when the time comes. The Worthy Co. operates on a sustainable model, meaning that much of the money earned from the sale of products goes back into funding & expanded The Worthy Co., allowing us to bring in more women and change more lives.

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