the net center



Through The Net Center, we are reaching out and building meaningful relationships with individuals experiencing homelessness in our communities. Poverty is more than material, so we’re helping to restore the sense of dignity and self-worth that many of our friends attending our Net Center events have lost.


We host weekly breakfasts, birthday celebrations, and dessert nights that give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to participate in a network of support. We are not a handout-oriented group, instead we create a system of earning and spending that ensures our Net Center friends grow relationally & spiritually as they acquire new material items.

At the Net Center, attendees are given a Net Center card where they can keep track of points they earn as they attend & participate in events or help out in various ways. They can then use these funds to purchase food, clothes, access to washing machines, and more.

This addresses the physical poverty they’re experiencing while building up their self-worth and dignity rather than creating a cycle of dependence with free stuff they feel they don’t deserve.


When asked by The World Bank to describe poverty, those experiencing it used words like “isolation, depression, and shame.” By coming to our Net Center events, building friendships, and earning what they need to escape poverty, they’re taking their lives into their own hands and addressing the symptoms of poverty that hurt them the most.

Net Center is led by our own Alex Lipari, and there are many ways to participate. Each and every week there are events you can attend to become a friend to people in need. We also offer training for roles with a bit more responsibility. Lastly, just by donating to The Net you are investing the fight against poverty in Fort Worth.

Ready to Join the Movement?

Attend Net Center Training

Net Center Training is a great way to deepen your understanding of how we address poverty in our community and get more equipped to help out before jumping in. Attend training to learn best practices for building meaningful relationships with our friends experiencing homelessness across Fort Worth.