Stephanie Newsome

Donor Engagement Manager

Stephanie, originally from California, moved to Fort Worth to join the TCU Horned Frogs. After graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice and Communication Studies and participating in a residency program at Christ Chapel, she officially joined The NET staff. Although serving in various capacities with The NET since 2014, she has found her place as the Donor Engagement Manager. Her passionate heart for the women who experienced exploitation, her outgoing, extroverted personality, and her ability to talk to just about anyone have intertwined perfectly to set her up for success interacting with donors and finding new innovative ways to fundraise. While most of her time is spent on the fundraising and donor relationship side, she always looks forward to leading jail outreach and teaching jail class as a way of staying connected and building new relationships with the women still seeking restoration. When she's not communicating with donors or on Instagram, you will find her eating all of the tacos Fort Worth has to offer, adventuring with her husband Preston, dancing to every song that comes on, or desperately finding ways to make her home trendy and cute.