How we serve


Our Mission

Our mission is to develop healthy, restorative relationships with the people in our community who need a network of support the most. Through our three core programs, special events, and more we are able to provide 38 relationship building events every single month. Everyone in Fort Worth deserves to be seen, known, and loved, and it’s The Net’s job to make sure that’s the case.

The Problem

In Fort Worth alone, there are many thousands of people living in poverty. Whether they’re people experiencing homelessness, refugee children relocated to Tarrant county, or victims of sexual exploitation, their needs are far more than material.

When The World Bank asked over 60,000 individuals living in poverty the question “what is poverty?”, their answers described emotional poverty much more often than the physical. As middle-class citizens, we tend to focus on the lack of material goods when attempting to address poverty, but it’s a restoration of dignity and humanity, and a desire for community, that those experiencing poverty need the most.



Of women in prostitution want to escape but believe they have no other options for survival.



Were asked by The World Bank to define poverty, because the poor describe it in relational terms rather than material terms.



Refugees are resettled in Tarrant County every year.

Our Solution

To us, it all starts with relationships. We aren’t an organization that believes in just handing out food or clothing; instead we uniquely develop the people we serve by addressing their social and relational poverty. We believe that those we serve will begin to understand their inherent dignity through authentic and healthy friendships.

The community we create encourages and empowers them to participate in their own personal success. That way, they can only attribute their success to themselves, which not only restores their lives physically but gives them the self-worth and dignity that every human deserves.

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Our Programs



Serving victims of sexual exploitation through weekly jail outreach, mentorship, and a survivor-led support group.

The Net Center

Serving men and women experiencing homelessness through shared meals, birthday celebrations, and empowerment classes.

Ladera Kids

Serving low-income children, many of whom are refugees, through discipleship, activities, education, and mentorship.