When we say partnership, we mean partnership. We want to work with you and your congregation for the glory of God and the good of Fort Worth.

At The Net, our goal is to empower and assist the local church in serving the city. We provide the training, education, logistical planning, mentoring, and resources that will allow our church partners to easily connect and serve the marginalized of Fort Worth through holistic relationships. These relationships benefit from the rapport and trust build by our Net team within marginalized communities, ensuring that our Church Partners have a positive experience and reap the fruit of our previous work. If you are interested in learning more, fill out our interest form below.


partner churches commit to:

  • Financial Support: This can be annual, monthly, or in-kind support, totaling at least $1,000 per year.

  • Volunteer Support: Local church members make up the core of our volunteer base. Join us by sending your people to our volunteer opportunities! As they serve with us, we ask that you care for them spiritually through your small group ministry.

  • Event Support: We hold special events, like trainings and worship nights, a few times a year. Help us by promoting these events through your normal church communication. We also have occasional opportunities for a small group or a church as a whole to “host” some of our events!

The Net provides:

  • Full Transparency: We are happy to show you exactly where your money and volunteers are going and how they are being used. Our staff is always available to meet with your church leadership to discuss the impact of your support.

  • Prioritize Church Serve Groups: The heart of our work is relationship building. We are happy to create serve opportunities specifically for our church partners!

  • Training & Teaching: Whether you need a general poverty training for your staff or volunteer leaders or specific help lovingly engaging folks experiencing homelessness on Sundays, we are happy to offer our expertise on these issues in Fort Worth.

  • Conference & Panel Speaking: Similar to our Training & Teaching, we love joining our church partners for topical panels or conference sessions!

  • Benevolence Assistance: We understand the difficulty of helping without hurting. If you have questions about best serving those who come to your church for assistance, we are here to offer any wisdom we might have.


Our current church partners


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